ABC You Later Summer

Quick shout out to all the supermoms and dads out there who got their kids out the front door and in the classroom before the late school bell rang.

School mornings are no joke in my house and I’m sure everyone out there has the same sentiment. Waking up early, making breakfast, insuring everyone EATS their breakfast (or at least a few bites), getting dressed, brushing teeth, brushing hair, shoes on (if you’re lucky they’re tied), back pack in hand and BOOM! School bus or car ready. Phew! It is no easy task.

From a mom perspective I sure wish I had some tricks and tips for an easy morning. But in the spirit of full disclosure, I’ll be honest! I’m muddling my way through this with the rest of you. One thing that is tried and true in my home is…. Consistency is key! Develop a morning routine and stick with it. Everyone, whether they’d like to admit it or not, appreciates consistency. Let’s save the surprises for the occasional prince or princess “throw ups,” which visits once or twice a year. That’s it! That’s all anyone can handle.

The wisest have said, “The days are long but the years are short.” I believe them. I believe one day we’ll all look back and with perspective miss the craziness of our early, school day mornings. Until then, let’s stand together, look each morning square in the eyes, and own it. One cup of coffee at a time.

Praying for a safe and happy school year!