Noor Qasem MS, BCBA

What made you pursue a career in this field?

In college I struggled to identify a specific major. I knew I cared a lot about helping people and I wanted a career where I can make an impact in the lives of others in a unique way. During my undergrade at FSU, where I got my degree in Nursing and Family and Child Science, I applied for an internship that allowed me to work with children who had special needs. It was there I watched the magic of applied behavior analysis and from then on, I have been dedicated to changing the lives of children with special needs and their families.

Why ABA?  What do you love about it?

I love ABA because it is a practice driven by scientific, evidence-based research. There is so much success in the interventions and data we use to change behaviors. Not only can growth and improvement in behavior be noticed in the most natural environment, but the proof is in the data and it can be measured scientifically. The lives of our clients and their families are changed for the better, because of the science behind ABA.

Why did you choose to work at Cayer Behavioral Group?

I chose Cayer Behavioral Group because is it a vessel that allows me to practice a field of work I enjoy, but more importantly, the people here are amazing to work with. The dedication and commitment the entire staff make to help change the lives of others is inspiring. It makes up the perfect definition of ‘teamwork,’ I am forever grateful to be a part of a company that motivates me to be the best version of myself every single day.

What is the biggest thing you get from this job? In other words, what do you look forward to – what makes it all worth it?

Every day I look forward to watching the children we serve soar past limitations, expectations, and succeed in their unique journey. I also enjoy watching staff members share my vision and believe in the changes we strive to achieve together with hard work and determination. I most of all love seeing the hopes and dreams of families be restored. It is such a great feeling to be a part of something that makes such a huge impact!