Sommer Stubbs MA, BCBA

What made you pursue a career in this field?

The amazing kids I get to work with. The varied population of students I have been grateful to work with has inspired me to pursue a career in ABA therapy.

Why ABA? What do you love about it?

I love that ABA therapy and its core principles in a way do not discriminate; ABA therapy works for everyone, not just the specified population of kids we work with and I find that scientific nature to be fascinating.

Why did you choose to work at Cayer Behavioral Group?

I only heard good things about CBG and what they’ve done for the community!

What is the biggest thing you get from this job? In other words, what do you look forward to – what makes it all worth it?

The biggest thing I benefit from or ‘get’ from this job is watching how our kids grow! Whether its socially, behaviorally, becoming independent and gaining self-advocacy to apply to their everyday life or environment so they continue to thrive and not be defined by their diagnoses its a beautiful process to be apart of. When you know you’ve played a role in that child’s success, it’s a great feeling that I’m grateful for!